I am so excited to be awarded the Fulbright scholarship to lecture and research cybersecurity disclosures in Japan in 2023! Becoming a Fulbright Scholar has always been one of my career goals – at the height of working on my department’s AACSB accreditation in 2021, I also took on a personal project of applying for this prestigious scholarship program offered by the State Department of the United States. I didn’t think that I will be successful in the first attempt – but to my surprise, I was awarded the lecture/research grant to go to Japan in 2023! I am very fortunate to be blessed with many who helped me in this process – from the project statement to invitation letters, I can’t imagine how I can pull it through to meet all the application criteria. As of this writing, I only have weeks before I embark on the journey to visit Meiji Gakuin University in Tokyo, Japan. This is not the first trip to visit this Christian university, though – I had a personal visit and took RMU students to visit the university before – the campus is beautiful and is so conveniently located in the heart of Tokyo. I look forward to visiting and spending a lot more days and nights this time!

Our AACSB Journey – Road to Become the “ONLY”

In the summer 2002 AACSB confirmed that #RMUAccounting is now the ONLY accounting program in western Pennsylvania to have received the AACSB Accounting Accreditation. Read the AACSB news release about this historic moment. So many students, faculty, staff, and professional partners were involved in this journey. The university social media editor says it the best “from Pittsburgh School of Accountancy ➡️ AACSB Accounting Accredited – For over 100 years, accounting has been a staple of Robert Morris. A few weeks ago, we celebrated the students and faculty who made this accreditation possible!” (Here is the link.) More details of our “travel logs” for our journey to AACSB Accounting accreditation can be found here.