G7 week

I was fortunate to participate in the G7 Cybersecurity Seminar in Tokyo in early May, ahead of the G7 leaders’ annual summit in Hiroshima, Japan. As described in the G7 Digital and Tech Ministers’ Ministerial Declaration, the G7 promotes secure, resilient, competitive, transparent, sustainable, and diverse digital, telecoms, and ICT infrastructure supply chains. However, theContinue reading “G7 week”

The Age of Exploration and Meiji Gakuin

After a few days in my Japan long-staying, I found out that my host institution, Meiji Gakuin University, has a study abroad group that will visit Taiwan soon. As a study abroad faculty veteran, I have to find out what the trip is about and perhaps tag along since I have a plan to visitContinue reading “The Age of Exploration and Meiji Gakuin”

Arriving Japan! 日本到着

After a long (but comfortably empty) flight, I finally arrived in Japan. We thank God for His blessings – right before our departure, I was at my church’s quarterly co-workers’ meeting and 30+ brothers and sisters along with the pastor and elder laid on their hands in prayer to bless our journey. So, my journeyContinue reading “Arriving Japan! 日本到着”

Our AACSB Journey – Road to Become the “ONLY”

In the summer 2002 AACSB confirmed that #RMUAccounting is now the ONLY accounting program in western Pennsylvania to have received the AACSB Accounting Accreditation. Read the AACSB news release about this historic moment. So many students, faculty, staff, and professional partners were involved in this journey. The university social media editor says it the bestContinue reading “Our AACSB Journey – Road to Become the “ONLY””