Arriving Japan! 日本到着

After a long (but comfortably empty) flight, I finally arrived in Japan. We thank God for His blessings – right before our departure, I was at my church’s quarterly co-workers’ meeting and 30+ brothers and sisters along with the pastor and elder laid on their hands in prayer to bless our journey. So, my journey as a Fulbright scholar is now (almost) started. I came to Japan early with my daughter, Rebecca, who secured an internship with KPMG Ignition Tokyo so both of us are pretty excited! The funny thing is that she now actually will start work before I do…but I am happy for her. The first two days in Japan were filled with visits to municipal and immigration offices… and of course, good food that I haven’t had for a long time! Thanks to my MGU faculty host, Professor Yamada, who secured a 3? bedroom apartment near campus for us. I put a “?” to describe the room situation because one of the bedrooms is actually a room inside a bedroom – like a glorified closet but it has a bed and everything….it’s like Doraemon’s room if you know what I mean :-> Nevertheless, this apartment will now be our home away from home for the next six months!

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